About KI4ETJ

I received my call in March 2004 and it has been an adventure ever since… Starting with Echolink and Hamsphere¬†early on. And now thu to D-Star… It’s been an awesome ride…

Currently operating on: HamSphere and Echolink on both PC and Android Mobile and now D-Star on a DVAP .. (love being able to be mobile with D-Star without having a local repeater in range) . -

Echolink currently at http://www.echolink.org -

HamSphere.. with qrn and sun spot fade as well.. http://www.hamsphere.com …”Try it you’ll like it” as Mikey said… :) Now I’m telling my age…lol

I can be found on the following at various times :

KI4ETJ-L Echolink node: 8074 and Echolink Android Mobile as KI4ETJ

KI4ETJ on Hamsphere – Parked usually on 6 and 10 meters … lurking all over 10, 20, 40 & 80 Meters and now on Android Mobile… This can be done since hamsphere is VOIP only. (no RF):

Well I was bitten by the D-Star bug . . . I scratched . . . and all I can say is “AWESOME” The possibilities for this mode is unlimited by only the imagination.. :well done.. well done!

Currently can be found lurking around on D-Star :


CCS:9736 – D-Star on a DVAP and RF: more info here: http://www.dstarinfo.com . . . both PC and DVAP

If you can ID the radio in the picture below . . . hint: its a tri bander . . . You win bragging rights . . . It is almost as old as me . . . lol


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